Building Digital Defense Against Travel Technology Fails — FBI

Welcome to the Tech Tuesday segment of the Oregon FBI. Today: While traveling, building digital defenses against technology fails.

You and your family are finally on vacation this summer after a few months of blockades and closures. It seems that the world has finally returned to normal. Unfortunately, cyber thieves are just waiting for you to pack your bag.

According to a friend of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), there are several ways to keep you and your digital device safe while traveling.

  • Keep devices you don’t really need at home.
  • Please update all antivirus and malware options before departure and after returning to Japan for your device.
  • Also, before you travel, change your password and PIN to new powerful options that you don’t use at home. When you come back after your trip, change to another new option again.
  • Make a backup of your device in case your cell phone or laptop is hacked or targeted by a ransomware attack. Please remember. Backups should always be taken offline so that bad guys cannot access them.
  • While traveling, make sure that the wireless and Bluetooth auto-connect and remote connection settings are turned off. While convenient to use at home, you can accidentally connect to a malicious network on the go without your knowledge.
  • Similarly, when you’re at an airport, hotel, coffee shop, etc., you’ll want to take advantage of the free WiFi option, but be careful. If you can get in, so can hackers. If you need to connect to a public network, be sure to use only the “https” site. Also, never access sensitive data such as shopping, banking transactions, or healthcare portals on public networks.
  • Using your own data network connection or using a VPN is always a better option.

If you are a victim of online fraud, you should also report the case to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. Alternatively, call the FBI’s regional office.

Building Digital Defense Against Travel Technology Fails — FBI

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