Booker’s Madisonville campaign stop turns virtual after travel delays | Local News

U.S. Senate candidate Charles Booker didn’t let the weather or canceled flights stop him from speaking to Madisonville residents Friday evening.

The African American Coalition of Hopkins County organized the “From the Hood to the Holler” event at the Ballard Convention Center to allow residence to learn more about Booker.

Booker was scheduled to attend the event but inclement weather in New York — where he was traveling as part of his campaign efforts — cancelled the candidate’s flight and forced him to speak to the crowd virtually instead.

AAC President Bill McReynolds expected around 130 people to attend, and although the crowd didn’t meet Booker in person, they still used the opportunity to learn about his platform.

In attendance was Alethea West, who said she came because she wanted to learn more about Booker’s stance on education, law enforcement, and bipartisanship.

“As a country, we need that, we need leaders who are interested in trying to bring us back together,” she said. “Having unity does not mean that we agree on everything, but it means we have a sameness in agenda.”

Also at the event was Kerri Scisney, who said she is supporting Booker because she thinks he will consider all people and do what is best for Kentucky once elected.

“We need people in office that are going to work their hardest to help the people they represent,” she said.

In an earlier interview, Booker said he wanted to let the people of Hopkins County know he is fighting for them.

“I just want everyone to know we can change things, we can come together and build a better future,” he said.

Booker said his message is that people have more in common with each other than they realize and if they stand together, they can win.

“We deserve to have safe communities that are thriving, and we deserve the opportunity to be owners and investors and creators all over the commonwealth,” he said.

He said his platform addresses the systemic and structural challenges that Kentuckians have been facing.

“My focus is making sure every Kentuckian can have economic opportunities and live gainful lives,” said Booker. “That we are not handing poverty down from generation to generation, that we can be healthy, that we can be safe.

“I am proud to help tell the story of what it looks like when regular people come together, resist hate and stand up in love and unity to say that we are proud of Kentucky and we are going to lead in a different direction,” he said.

Booker is running for the seat currently held by Republican Senator Rand Paul.

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