Bills Mailbag: What’s more likely for Josh Allen in 2021 – regression or progression? | Buffalo Bills News | NFL

As for who makes the team, my 53-man roster projection after the draft includes the following: Dawkins, Ford, Mitch Morse, Jon Feliciano, Williams, Ike Boettger, Ryan Bates, Spencer Brown and Tommy Doyle. The toughest cut in this scenario would be Forrest Lamp, a former second-round draft pick who would be quality depth on the interior, but is hurt by being “just” a guard. Bates, for example, has the versatility to back up multiple positions.

JA is my QB1 asks: When is the best time to buy flights to Los Angeles, have you bought yours yet and is Melissa ready to spend Valentine’s Day in California?

Jay: For those who aren’t keeping up, the Super Bowl next February is in Los Angeles. Travel tip from covering the league (also not an ad): JetBlue’s direct to Los Angeles is the best way to get to California. I’m sure Melissa would be happy to spend Valentine’s Day in LA if it meant a trip to the Super Bowl for the Bills. She grew up in Amherst and is a fan.

Gary Gruber asks: With all the talk before the draft, get this running back or draft this offensive lineman or this defensive back, after the OTAs has any of the top three draft choices impressed you more than any of the last three players drafted, and is there a sleeper in the group? How’s yours and Elliott’s golf game going so far?

Jay: It’s far too premature to draw any conclusions about any of the drafted players, especially when they’re working out in helmets and shorts. The first takeaway, though, the Bills got bigger. Particularly when it comes to Greg Rousseau and Brown, they are massive human beings. I have to see how they do when the pads come on in training camp before I have any real meaningful opinion to share. As for golf, for anyone who’s ever played, it can be a frustrating game. I’m feeling that right now. After the Bills’ mandatory minicamp June 15-17, the NFL has its only real “down time” on the calendar. I have some vacation time then that will be prime for some rounds. Elliott is also practicing for the U.S. Kids Golf world championship in the 7-year-old age bracket, which will be held in late July in North Carolina at Pinehurst. We’re excited for that.

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