Biden signals restart of transatlantic travel

President Biden has signalled the possible restart of international travel to the US.

In a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday, he revealed that the US is reviewing when it can lift restrictions on European travellers.

He described discussions on the timeline of lifting the travel ban as “in process now” and said that he would be able to reveal more information “within the next several days.”

Already, fully vaccinated US citizens are allowed to travel overseas, provided they show evidence of a negative Covid test on return.

Mr Biden’s hopeful comments follow repeated calls for transatlantic travel to open up. 

Corneel Koster, Virgin Atlantic’s chief customer and operating officer, yesterday told Telegraph Travel: “Vaccination levels are very high in the UK, and very high in the US – if we follow the data the US should open. So should big parts of Europe, and so should other parts of the world. Step by step. Aviation can be rebuilt safely.” 

He added: “We are calling on the Biden administration as well to allow Brits to travel there. We are calling on all vaccinated travellers on low risk routes to low risk countries, because the protection is there.”

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