Beyond big bikes: How Coco Martin keeps his motorcycle collection in tip-top shape

MANILA: Thanks to his marketable appeal, talent, and heart, Coco Martin is now one of the most sought-after actors in the entertainment industry. Beyond acting, however, much can be said about his passion for the big bikes and the open road. Did you know that he personally maintains and cleans all his big bikes and ensures that they are in immaculate condition?

Just because he can’t take his big  bikes out on the open road as much due to the pandemic, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t baby them.

Coco Martin Shell on Bike

Coco Martin recalls how his passion for bikes started at a young age: “My passion for big bikes began during my younger years. I was a teen when I learned how to drive using our family’s tricycle. Since I did not come from a well-off family, I would earn my allowance by driving our tricycle to fetch and drop passengers to their destinations,” he said in Filipino.

The 39-year-old actor attributes his interest in motorcycles, engines, and maintenance to his elders. His grandfather supported their family financially by driving jeepneys, which he passed down to his father. Martin’s grandmother, whom he credits with raising him, owned the tricycle he rode. Martin observed his elders being meticulous in cleaning the vehicle’s engine as well as the entire jeep. He inherited that trait from them and has since become extremely picky when it comes to using engine oils for his impressive collection of motorcycles — and he only uses Shell Advance.

Coco Martin adds: “There are beautiful places in the Philippines that we must be immensely proud of. What I frequently visit when I just have a short amount of travel time is the Treasure Mountain in Tanay, Rizal. It is surrounded by high mountains and you would think that the clouds are right beside you due to the high elevation.” In the North, he used to ride out with his friends to Bulacan as well as long bike rides to Balete, Batangas, or to the Quezon province.

Long rides like these can quickly wear out a motorcycle’s engine because it is exposed to high temperatures, causing oil levels to drop. Oil loss is critical because it can lead to lubrication failure, which leads to engine failure. Coco Martin uses Shell Advance Long Ride, a fully synthetic engine oil that helps maintain effective lubrication performance for long rides of up to 6,000 kilometers, to address this concern. A trip from Batanes to Jolo can be completed six times using Shell Advance Long Ride without damaging the motorcycle engine.

Martin is also a fan of retro-styled motorcycles. His vintage two-wheelers have lasted the years because he ensures that they are maintained solely by Shell Advance Power. He participated in a recent virtual event with Pilipinas Shell’s Technical Advisor Bobby Capistrano. It was revealed that motorcycle degeneration occurs when users do not use high quality oil; oxidation and deposit formation inside the engine are unavoidable. Shell Advance Power counteracts this process in order to keep the bike’s superior performance. Previous field tests have shown that the engine remains strong with no power loss even after 20,000 kilometers.

Shell Motor Oils

The actor adds more points on the importance of good and proper care of his motorcycles: “Some people do not understand the high we guys get from bike-riding. You feel this wonderful indescribable feeling of freedom. You feel the wind hitting on your body, and when you hear the natural sound of the environment. Your own eyes see the destination spots up close and personal,” shared Martin.

While some riders ride simply for the enjoyment of it, others rely heavily on motorcycles for a living. Martin has empathy for those who are working hard during the pandemic and understands that people’s budgets are tight during these difficult times. With this in mind, according to Capistrano, some riders prioritize fuel economy over power and motorcycle endurance. “These are the riders who use their bikes going to work or the office everyday. Shell Advance Fuel Save is perfect for them. They would enjoy lower running costs and would run longer without having the need to refuel.”

Shell Advance Fuel Save is made up of uniformly sized molecules that flow smoothly inside the engine, resulting in less friction and smoother movement of engine components. According to Coco Martin, when this is used, engine durability is unaffected, and the loaded fuel provides an additional five kilometers over the standard  This was demonstrated during a field test of a fleet of bikes that ran for 12,000 kilometers.

Martin reminded his fellow riders that, regardless of their preferences — whether for long rides, power, or fuel economy—choosing high-quality motorcycle oil is an important step toward being a safe and responsible rider. “As a responsible driver, you should always check the condition of the bike’s brakes and wheels to ensure your safety. We should always show respect to our neighbors on the road and put safety first.”, Martin said.

Photos from Pilipinas Shell

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