Air travel increases and cruise liners prepare to set sail | News

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Americans are continuing to travel even after the Memorial Day Weekend surge of record-breaking road trips and air travel since COVID-19 began. 

AAA says the return to travel continues to gain momentum across the country and rest of the world.

Vice President of Travel for AAA, Debbie Haas said, “Interest and enthusiasm for travel has gone through the roof. The pent-up demand is being released and our AAA Travel Advisors have been inundated with calls from people who want to take a trip this year.”

Many in the Midstate began catching flights on Thursday going out of town for a Memorial Day weekend getaway.

Hass added that the amount of enthusiasm for travel is causing many flights and cruises to fill up fast. For many, considering a travel agent will be the best chance at booking a high-demand trip or vacation.

The great news is new travel options are being announced daily. People who work with a travel agent have advantages over other travelers. Travel agents are often the first to know about new itineraries, often have negotiated added traveler benefits, and can help ensure travelers are informed about pandemic-related restrictions and requirements. – Debbie Haas, Vice President of Travel for AAA

AAA anticipates that airlines will continue to add flights to match traveler demand. However, with pent-up demand being released as America becomes more vaccinated, flights could see noticeable price increases. According to AAA, Memorial Day Weekend flights were 14% more expensive than the year before.

International travel is soon to increase as more European countries open up their borders to people who are vaccinated. Like national flights and cruise liners, reduced inventory means availability will fill up quickly.

In addition to lower availability and increased prices, airlines and cruise liners are still expected to meet the challenges of certain CDC guidelines. 

“The current travel landscape is exciting, but can be very confusing, even for a frequent traveler,” Haas said. “Vaccine requirements can vary depending on the destination and type of trip you take. In such an evolving environment, the value of a travel advisor cannot be overstated. They have the inside track to helping you find the right trip for you.  Plus, they’ll help you be informed, prepared, and even protected with travel insurance so you can relax and enjoy your vacation.”

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