Air New Zealand and the All Blacks share motivational tips and messages of support for travel industry – Travel Weekly

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a tough year for the travel industry, with many challenges and obstacles faced.

Air New Zealand recently teamed up with the All Blacks during the 2020 Tri Nations tour in Australia to provide some tips from the players about how they persevere and stay motivated.

Each day this week, the Kiwi carrier is sharing a motivational tip from the All Blacks. From resilience and teamwork, to innovation – make sure you check this page daily to see all five tips over the week.

PLUS, because Air New Zealand is crazy about rugby – they are giving away five signed 2020 All Blacks jerseys!

To be in to win, all you have to do is share YOUR tips for staying motivated and persevering through the challenges. Enter now HERE.

In the course of an 80-minute rugby match, players get knocked down, then they get back up. They get hit, work through the pain and continue to push themselves because there is another play, another opportunity to reach the goal line and score a try.

They wear their black eyes, broken noses, and bruised legs with pride because it’s proof that that endured the challenges and gave their best.

Winning the game is great, but it’s important to know that you played hard and persevered; although you took some hits, you stayed in the game until the very end.

So, what are you doing this week? Make sure to check out this page each day to get the next daily tip straight from the All Blacks. And, don’t forget to enter for the chance to win one of five signed 2020 All Blacks Jerseys.

You heard it from the All Blacks, and now it’s your turn to provide some words of wisdom (and you could be rocking a new signed tee for it).

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