AAA helping families travel during the New York State Fair

Now a week into the Great New York State Fair, AAA wants families to know some ways they can stay safe while they travel.

In between enjoying the concerts and watching the racing pigs, families may run into some car trouble, especially with the several heat advisories Western and Central New York has been experiencing this summer.

AAA is proud to continue its tradition of having tow technicians at the fairgrounds to assist attendees with anything from tire troubles to dead batteries to getting a key out of a locked car.

You don’t even have to be a AAA member to reach out for assistance.

“Triple-A providing help at the fairs is sort of a tradition, if you will,” said AAA communications specialist April S. Engram. “So we’re excited to be back and to help motorists keep your car running and keep your day an enjoyable one.”

If you have any troubles while at the fairgrounds, reach out to any one of the parking lot assistants, and they will guide you to your nearest AAA representative.

A final tip AAA provided was that it is very important to park within designated spaces at the grounds, because cars illegally parked will be towed away.

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