AAA expects more people to travel for Independence Day


(WCIA) — Experts say travel is making a come back after a pandemic. AAA anticipates that travel volumes for the Fourth of July will be the second-highest on record, nearly topping data from 2019.

Over 47.7 million Americans will go on at least one trip between July 1–5. AAA says these findings show a growth of nearly 40% from last year, although still 2.5% lower than the 2019 holiday weekend.

“Illinois travel is back on track, as nearly 2.7 million are forecast to take a trip during the holiday weekend,” says AAA. “That’s the second-most on record; just .029% behind 2019.”

 “Travel is back this summer, as Americans eagerly pursue vacations they’ve deferred for the last year-and-a-half,” said Debbie Haas, Vice President of Travel for AAA. “We saw strong demand for travel around Memorial Day and the kick-off of summer, and all indications now point to a busy Independence Day.”

Of the many of who will be packing suitcases and heading out the door this summer, 91% of these travelers will hit the road and driver, according to AAA.

“Road trips provide a sense of freedom and more control over the duration of your trip,” said Molly Hart, spokesman for AAA. “Even more expensive gas prices are unlikely to deter Americans from that road trip many have waited more than a year for. If anything, motorists are more likely to cut back on other expenses like lodging and dining out, to offset the higher cost of fuel.”

AAA is also acknowledging that air travel will be taking off this summer. It says 3.5 million are projected to fly by plane, and this Independence Day will see 90% of pre-pandemic travel levels.

“On average, airfares for the holiday period have declined 2% compared to last Independence Day. The lowest average price per ticket is $175. That’s $4 less than last year, and $13 less than the 2019 holiday weekend.”

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