A make-up artist and a travel consultant dip their hands in Darren’s Tip Jar

Kerry-Leigh Alcock nominated Emma who is a mother to his little son’s friend. 

Kerry-Leigh shares that Nathan is 5 years old and his mom, Emma is in the tourism and travel industry and they have been taking a beating since the first lock down began. 

Taking a look  back at last year on Nathans birthday party she spoke to Emma who stated they were without income and tried very hard to make their sons birthday party happen as it was something very special for him. About 2 weeks ago, she saw them again , and it has seemed that they are really really in a bad place. 

Emma mentioned just as they were seeing a little light, the level 4 lockdown came in again and took away all their hope of recovery. 

“My heart bleeds for this family , as they are the most amazing little family with so much hope yet every time they see the little light it gets taken away from them. I am a mommy of 2 little angels and I can relate to how it feels not to be able to provide for your little human , it is the worst feeling on this planet,” Kerry-Leigh shares. 

Emma is a beam of light and you can hear it through the phone. 

Take a listen: 

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