7 Perfect Stops Along Prince Edward Island’s Tip-To-Tip Road Trip

If you’re a fan of beaches, seafood, or Anne of Green Gables, chances are you’ve heard about Prince Edward Island.

One of the three Maritime provinces of Canada, Prince Edward Island is connected to Nova Scotia by ferry and to New Brunswick by the Confederation Bridge. Prince Edward Island has the distinction of being Canada’s smallest province in both size and population, but, in a fun twist, it’s the country’s most densely populated province — its 2,200 square miles are home to about 158,000 people. For visitors, this means Prince Edward Island is easy to explore, with lots of small communities to visit on every driving route.

This popular destination is gorgeous all year round, but especially so between late spring and early autumn, when its coastal drives are particularly beguiling. You could easily spend several days ambling along the rusty-red country roads, but Prince Edward Island’s best drive is the Tip-to-Tip Tour, a link between the province’s westernmost and easternmost points.

When it comes to scenic drives, Prince Edward Island is divided into three segments: the North Cape Coastal Drive to the west, the Central Coastal Drive in the middle, and the Points East Coastal Drive to the east. You will traverse all three to complete the iconic Tip-to-Tip Tour.

Just about 174 miles lie between Prince Edward Island’s easternmost and westernmost ends, a distance easily covered in a day. It doesn’t matter which end serves as your starting point, nor what roads you follow. So long as you visit the East Point Lighthouse and the North Cape Lighthouse, you’ll earn the official Tip-to-Tip certificate of achievement!

These are some highlights of this iconic Canadian drive.

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