3 Tips When Thinking About Your Post-Vaccination Travel Risk | Travel

2. Don’t worry (as much) about transmitting to others

Throughout the pandemic, there have been two main reasons to avoid traveling. First, most obviously, is to avoid contracting the disease yourself. Second, and often underplayed, is to avoid spreading the virus to others.

The available COVID-19 vaccines seem to be effective at stunting the spread of the virus, rendering the second issue less pressing for would-be travelers. According to the CDC’s interpretation, “Any travel-associated transmission risk is likely to be substantially reduced among those fully vaccinated with an effective vaccine.”

Again, this isn’t to say that fully vaccinated travelers can’t spread the virus, but rather that the risk is significantly reduced. It means that fully vaccinated people aren’t being completely selfish or putting others at high risk by traveling. So you can (almost) take this off your list of concerns.

3. Don’t expect certainty

Between the two types of travelers — those who plan everything in exacting detail and those who fly by the seat of their pants — this tip is going to be tough to swallow for the former.

No matter when you decide that the risks of travel have dropped below your threshold, you should still expect the unexpected and plan accordingly. What does that mean in practical terms? It means booking flexible airfare and accommodations. And having a sense of humor when your plans fall apart.

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