$10,000 Tip Left for Staff at a Florida Restaurant

Someone was feeling extra generous!

This act of kindness happened at The Wahoo Seafood Grill in Gainesville, Florida earlier this month. The customer who left the tip wanted to thank the staff for “showing up and working hard.”

According to upi.com, the owner of the restaurant Shawn Shepherd stated,

“I’m not usually an emotional guy, but this really got me. I’m blown away. We’re ALL blown away by his generosity.”

The man announced that he would be tipping $1,000 to each of the 10 workers.

The owner continued,

“The last year and a half hasn’t been easy on this industry. We’re hurting and we’re exhausted, but this incredible act of kindness has restored our faith in humanity.”

Take a look at the $10,000 tip below!

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