10 Tips Even Pro Players Aren’t Aware Of

Similar to other survival games, Fallout 76 is filled with shortcuts and methods that most players won’t learn by themselves. The best places to find certain items, perks to use while crafting, and unique uses of the camera item are all important tips that you may not know even if you’ve played Fallout 76 for hundreds of hours.

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Every Wastelander in this post-apocalyptic game should know about the tips required to survive with ease, especially since some of the following tips are passive and don’t require any extra effort.

You Can Find Fusion Cores In Ammo Boxes While You Have The Scrounger Perk Equipped


If you equip the Scrounger perk, then every time you open an ammo box while exploring, you have a chance to find a fusion core. Fusion cores are the fuel that governs power armor ability, so you need a lot of them if you’re going to use power armor a lot for a specific build.

Ammo boxes are found all throughout the Wasteland, so following this tip will grant you a lot of fusion cores in the long run.

Collect Desk Fans From Sugar Grove To Obtain Lots Of Screws And Other Materials


There are a lot of locations where you can find screws, among other types of building materials, in Fallout 76. One of the best of these locations is Sugar Grove, which has tons of antique globes and desk fans that you can scrap for a lot of rare materials.

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If you need screws, then there are not many better places to farm them than Sugar Grove. You can also find a lot of clipboards here, which grant springs when scrapped. Sugar Grove is found east of the Missile Silo Alpha.

Crops And Plants Take Up A Lot Of A Settlement’s Resource Meter


Despite crops being a relatively lightweight item, they take up a lot of space in your settlement’s resource meter, and this is even more true when you have an entire farm under your control. Building plants is a great idea for food; however, you may need to limit the number of crops you build if you plan on creating a lot of other items.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to overlook how much of your resource maximum limit is taken up by crops, so you may end up building more crops than you need if you’re not careful.

Equip The Super Duper And Ammosmith Perks Before You Craft Ammo


Crafting ammo is a great way to obtain more ammunition for your guns, especially weapons that use rare ammo types. However, you shouldn’t craft any ammo until you’ve equipped both the Super Duper perk and the Ammosmith perk.

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The Super Duper perk grants you a 30 percent chance of crafting twice the items at its third tier, while the Ammosmith perk grants you 80 percent extra ammo crafted with its final tier. Both of these perks can be combined to allow for maximum ammo while crafting, which is important since ammo crafting uses a lot of rare materials.

Don’t Carry A Lot Of Gunpowder


Every 1000 gunpowder weighs 50 pounds, which is a lot considering how much you may need to use to craft certain items and weapon ammo. You may not even realize how much space your gunpowder is taking up in your inventory, but it’s best not to carry gunpowder with you at all.

Instead of carrying gunpowder, you can carry cloth and acid in bulk, which are the two ingredients necessary to craft gunpowder. Both of these items weigh less than gunpowder, and you only need five cloth and three acids to craft 15 pieces of gunpowder.

Friend Other Players To Fast Travel To Their Location


Occasionally you’ll need to travel to the other side of the map but don’t want to walk all the way there. Luckily, you can friend other Wastelanders that you meet on your travels. Everybody you meet is a potential opportunity for a friend and also a fast travel destination.

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If you friend another player and are on the same server with them, then you can fast travel to them by opening your map and clicking on their name. Since Fallout 76 players often stay on the same server for hours, it’s worth striking up a quick conversation with other players you come across and mutually adding each other as friends.

Many experienced players don’t bother adding new friends while adventuring since it seems like a waste of time in the moment, but the potential for multiple fast travel markers often outweighs what you’re currently completing.

During another play session, you can also join your new friend’s server and fast travel with them, and if they have other friends on that server, then it’s even more useful. Be careful about who you add, though; occasionally, you’ll run into a mischievous player that isn’t worth adding as a friend. You’ll also meet lots of great Wastelanders while talking with other players, so it has a double benefit.

You Can Acquire A Lot Of Plastic Easily By Collecting Plastic Items In High School Buildings


You can find abandoned high schools buildings in Watoga and Morgantown, and both of them are great locations for collecting plastic items.

Plastic Pumpkins, Plastic Spoons, and Plastic Plates are just a few of the many items types you can find in high school buildings. You can potentially acquire over 100 pieces of plastic in each high school building, but it’s easy to miss this abundance if you’re not searching for plastic. High schools are an especially useful source of plastic early in a new playthrough.

Use Photo Mode When You Need To Get Out Of An Emote


One simple but very useful tip is for getting out of emotes that you don’t want to complete. If you’ve started an emote, then you can activate photo mode and then deactivate it to stop the emote completely.

You may occasionally start an emote that you don’t want to finish or accidentally click on an emote, so it’s good to know about this photo mode trick to save some time every once in a while.

Use The ProSnap Deluxe Camera To Find Legendary Enemies


If you defeat a legendary enemy but can’t find their body on the ground, then you may be frustrated since you put in all the hard work for no reward.

Luckily, there’s a simple fix for this situation which is to use your camera to search for the legendary enemy’s body on the ground. Photo mode isn’t used for this tip; you need the ProSnap Deluxe Camera item that is carried in your inventory.

The Fountain At The Whitespring Golf Club Can Cure Your Diseases


Outside of the Whitespring Golf Club building, you can use a water fountain to cure all your diseases. Diseases are common in Fallout 76 since it’s a survival game, so knowledge about this useful feature is something that every Wastelander should have.

You only have to travel to the outside of the Whitespring Golf Club building to use the water fountain, there are no extra steps or requirements.

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